RCBA meeting agenda for 2/1/20

The Robinson Community Building Association board meets the first Saturday of each month at 8:30 at the store. All are welcome to attend. Here is the agenda for the upcoming meeting:

  • minutes and treasurers’ reports
  • SNAP card training: board member training & documentation, feedback, and planning for clerk training in the following week. Clerks who attend this meeting may complete their training then. Others must attend one of the trainings to be scheduled, or ask Greg to train them during their shift. Part of the training is this 17-minute video:
  • update on the theft and restitution
  • update on the glass-front freezer repair
  • discuss completing the wiring to finish installing the security cameras
  • update on Kansas Road Trip plans
  • policy review: No pets in the store
  • other business?

About Greg Bryant

I teach writing and literature at Highland Community College in northeast Kansas.
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