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The Robinson Community Building Association board meets the first Saturday of each month at 8:30 at the store. All are welcome to attend.

To add questions or concerns to next meeting’s agenda, please reply to this message. The agenda will be published in about a week. Matters added after that may be discussed, but any votes will be tabled until the following meeting, except in urgent matters. This notice is also published on our website, RobinsonKS.wordpress.com, and on our Facebook page.

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Minutes of our last meeting:
Board Meeting Minutes
March 7, 2020 – 8:30 a.m.

The Robinson Community Building Association Board met Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 8:30 a.m. Those present were Acting Chairman Wendell Ganstrom, Richard Tesoriero, Angie Muckey, and Judi Bruning. David Nunn was a guest.

Wendell called the meeting to order.

There were no complete minutes of the February meeting…SNAP training was the only thing done.

The RCBA Treasurer’s Report was $4,544.33. This included the deposit of $986 from the Sunday dinner.

The store’s treasurer reported:

  • December balance was up $414.25 from November.
  • January balance was up $902.78 from December.
  • February balance was up 19.77 from January.

Wendell gave an update on the theft and restitution and thanked all who attended the Court hearing. He reported there is $56.02 of restitution still coming. They still have to do Community Service, and it is

to be done through the mayor. Jim Enke and Terry Baker (City Workers) will supervise.

Wendell also gave an update on the glass front freezer and repair. He reported that both Pierce and Cane cannot do the work but recommended Walldinger HVAC (St. Joe). Greg Bryant is in regular contact with them to see that it gets done.

There was a brief discussion regarding the security camera. Wendell also told the Board that the monthly fee for the credit card reader had jumped from $22 to $63 and that we owe $280.21. Since they discovered we are a non-profit group, the fees may be waived. Originally we were 501(c)(4) and now we are 501(c)(3). Richard Tesoriero suggested we not pay the outstanding bill until we are credited and made a motion to that effect. Angie M. seconded the motion. The motion carried. At some point, we will need to decide whether to use Heartland or use EBT.

A brief discussion then on whether there is a tax exempt button on the card reader and how do we make an EBT tax exempt on the card reader.

A new volunteer application for the store was reviewed and discussed. The volunteer is Zelma Wolf. She would like to work from 8:00 – 10:00 in the mornings. Richard suggested giving priority of work times to existing volunteers. We are to make sure any new volunteers know they are under a camera (this should be part of policy). Judi B. moved we accept the application, Angie M. seconded it, and the motion carried.

At this point, there was a discussion regarding the Kansas Road Trip activities in Robinson. Since the Boy Scouts have a lot of things in the Bank Building, Richard T. suggested we ask Gary Ramey about one of his storage units. Wendell will ask but said if the Scouts get a trailer bought, they will use it.

Greg B. had bills to present to the Board which are listed below:

Hiawatha Farm & Home $ 8.59 Trouble Light

WalMart 15.21 Calculator roll, stapler

WalMart 47.73 Printer page

TOTAL 71.53

Angie M. moved and Richard T. seconded a motion to reimburse Greg. The motion carried.

Guest David Nunn asked if we can post a notice for vendors wanted from a lady in Horton. A brief discussion followed.

The meeting adjourned.

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I teach writing and literature at Highland Community College in northeast Kansas.
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