Training videos

Curbside service

Making facemasks

Home delivery

When taking the phone order, take the card info over the phone (see “Charge: card not present” video above).

SNAP cards

The mobile reader can’t process SNAP cards, but the regular card reader can. See the special procedure required before inserting the card. They’re at the desk, near the reader.

If a customer wishes to make a SNAP purchase when we’re doing only curbside or home delivery, use one of these two methods:

  • do as the waiter in a restaurant does: take the card in with you, process the sale at the desk (see SNAP instructions), and take the card and the ticket back out for their signature… OR
  • take the card information over the phone (see “Charge: card not present” video above, plus the special SNAP instructions). (If it’s to be a home delivery, this is the method you’ll have to use.)